Top Ten Movies (Only because I can’t think of a catchy title…)

I think it’s time for a little “light” blog post, since it’s been a while since I’ve blogged anything.

I was reflecting on what my Top Ten movies were. Because everyone has a top ten, but maybe they’ve never actually written it out.

So here is my Top Ten Favorite movies of all time:

10. Shining Through – During my teen years, I was on a huge historical kick thanks to a lot of movies and books released around that time. This is set in the 1940s during WWII. The plot surrounding the story of this man and woman and the Sherman Tank ride of their lives is surely of epic status.  There’s spy action, treachery, love, trust, betrayal, lots of running and hiding, and shooting Nazis. This was another one of those “VHS borrowed from the neighbors so my parents had to buy it for me” movies.  I recently reacquired my VHS copy of this after a long hiatus at a relative’s house.  I’m kind of excited to get to watch this again, and hope to someday upgrade this to DVD status, as I’m not completely sure about the workability of my VCR.

9. Sherlock Holmes – Back in the mid-late nineties there was a television miniseries about good ole Sherlock, and I instantly was fascinated by his mystery solving skills.  When I heard this movie was going to be released I could not wait! I went to see this in the theater, by myself actually, which was quite pleasant (you should try it sometime!).  Edge-of-my-seat-GOODNESS! I loved every minute of it! I loved the dynamic of Robert Downey Jr.’s Sherlock and Jude Law’s Watson. I loved the idiosyncrasies of their partnership that delved into their friendship and their trust of each other.  I thoroughly  loved the steampunk aspect of it as well.  I can’t wait for the sequel, and I may have to make this a 10.5 top ten list.

8. Last Holiday – Putting two of hip-hops biggest stars in one movie together? How can that not have the recipe for awesomeness?  I think why I love this so much is I see alot of myself in Queen Latifah’s character “Georgia”.  Her fears, weaknesses, dreams, aspirations…I really relate to this character.  I especially love how she throws caution to the wind after learning some devastating news and just goes on the biggest, best, most amazing holiday ever. Living it up.  Because that’s what life is all about, right? Living.

7. Kate & Leopold – Time travel.  That’s really all it took to make this one of my favorite movies. Combine that with the sweet, quirky Meg Ryan, and the handsome and debonair accented Hugh Jackman, well, I really didn’t have a chance.

6. Elf – My DVD copy of this needs to be replaced. That’s how much I love it.  It seriously gets better every single time I watch it.  Will Ferrell has me in stitches. I love the “singing in a store” and the chugging of 2-liter bottle of Coke in a single sitting, his uber hyperness, and the lovely Jovie. This actually made Zooey Deschanel one of my favorite actresses.  This is my highly recommended movies to anyone I talk to around the holidays. It will forever remain a “classic” in my book.

5. Star Trek (2009) – Parallel Universe. That’s what did it for me. I’ve always been a sci-fi fan, and even though I enjoyed Star Trek (mainly TNG), I never considered myself a Trekkie.  I didn’t have the books, the comics, or the RPG games.  But this movie quickly made me want to be a Trekkie.  A total re-imagination of the original series. I love re-imaginations. It is a great way to intrigue a whole new generation with a classic story.  They (TPTB – The Powers That Be) did that with The Wizard of Oz by introducing Tin Man, which would probably rank as No. 11 on this list if it went beyond 10.  Putting the parallel universe twist on this classic really opens it up to a whole new movie franchise for a brand new generation of “Trekkies”.  I cannot wait until a sequel arrives. Because it will.

4. Pride & Prejudice (2005) – I really loved the BBC version starring Colin Firth (because who doesn’t love Colin Firth, really now?), so I really had no desire to watch this until I watched it at a friend’s house. And absolutely fell in love with it.  In the Jane Austen realm, I consider this the “cliff’s notes” of Pride & Prejudice.  You get a great cast of characters and amazing cinematography, but it does sort of lack the depth of the character’s personalities and situations that the book and the BBC version contains.  Even so, Keira Knightly as Elizabeth and Matthew Macfayden as Mr Darcy is sublime.  Epic story. Mr Darcy’s “I love you. Most ardently,” gets me every.single.time.

3. Nacho Libre – When this movie was first released I swore I was not going to subject myself to this rubbish. It looked ridiculous and downright stupid.  I held out for over a year.  But then my boss started quoting it. And even though I had not seen it (not even clips) I thought his rendition was hilarious. Then I went to Mexico (for the second time) and the people on my trip were quoting it, and Nacho-isms kept popping up along the trip (Luchadores, Corn on a stick, etc). I think what really made me want to see it was the fact that it was filmed in Oaxaca where I had been in Mexico.  And then I watched it. And I was hooked! The BEST taglines ever! I really think it was destiny.

2. While You Were Sleeping – Bill Pullman and Sandra Bullock? How could I NOT love this movie?! I remember the very first time I saw this. It was 1995, the Saturday before the Christmas play at church. I simply fell in love with this movie, the characters, the storyline, the feel-goodness of it all.  A story of love at first sight that turns out to not be love at first sight, and the real (and often hilarious) journey to finding true love and the importance of those in your life.  A lot of people consider this one of Sandra Bullock’s least acclaimed films, but I feel that this is where she really started to build her acting skills.  She’s funny, quirky, lovable, admirable, sincere – so many things within this character.  And even today I can see little glimpses of this character in other characters she has portrayed. This movie is by far one of my favorites and will likely always remain so. I mean, it’s held the test of time for 16 years now.

1. Star Wars Trilogy (1977-1983) I know this is three separate movies, but since it is part as one epic story, it fully classifies as a singular entry. I discovered Star Wars when I was 13. I think I was the only girl in my school geeky enough to latch onto this galactic adventure. I had borrowed my neighbors VHS movies repeatedly that my parents finally got me the set for my own collection.  I have to say that Luke Skywalker was probably my “first love”, though eventually I crossed over into the Han Solo groupies.  I know I wore those VHS tapes out from watching them on a weekly basis, to the point of memorization. Then came the introduction of DVDs. I worked at Wal-Mart at the time, and was able to snatch up a boxset as soon as it was released.  To this day, it is still in my “collection”, and one of my prized possessions.  I am definitely an original trilogy fan over the prequel trilogy, although there are a few (young Obi-Wan) aspects that I enjoy of the prequels, they will never be in the Top Ten. Never.