Review: Eli

EliEli by Bill Myers

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

What if Jesus had been born in our modern era instead of 2000 years ago?

An amazing storyteller, Bill Myers, provides a riveting look into this alternate possibility. A man of Jewish descent is born to a young couple in 1970s Santa Monica, California during the height of the hippy movement. Told through the eyes of Conrad Davis, a man who questions everything to do with faith and who is catapulted into an alternate universe where Jesus has not existed…until now. Taking human form as Eli Shepherd, the Messiah walks along the California communities introducing His ministry that introduces the Kingdom of God amongst the backlash of Big Americanized Religion. The parables are the same, just a different setting. The feeding of the 5,000 occurs beside a lake in a quiet California community, where not fish and bread multiplied, but burgers and fries! The healing of the demonic occurs on a CA overpass when a homeless woman is freed of her captors, and the demons are cast into her band of feral cats. The driving out of the money handlers of the temple takes place at the heaven/worship theme park in Georgia. And most shocking of all, is the unjust arrest and conviction of the Messiah Eli wherein he is wrongly accused of a horrendous attack of a worship center. Powerful and wealthy religious leaders use their political sway to set Eli up, ending in His unjustly lynching and His ultimate sacrifice. While this is merely fiction, as the author prefaces, it offers a gut wrenching and eye opening view into what it could have been like had Jesus postponed his coming until our modern age. I dare you to come away unchanged my this phenomenal fictional portrayal of our Savior’s ministry and sacrifice.

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