As I stood worshipping Jesus this morning, this song made an appearance. I knew in the back of my mind that it would be in the set list because I entered the songs into our Sunday morning PowerPoint presentation. But as I stood there, this song struck a chord within me that I had tucked away in the corner of my heart and mind. It was ten years ago that I first heard this song performed by Delirious. But it was also ten years ago this month that I came back to Jesus after living a sinful two years of not having Him in my life, and multiple years of not even really serving Him at all.

This morning, this song just brought it all back to me. I was reminded of how much I truly had failed Jesus. How I had just swept His love under the carpet and gave in to my own sinful desires during those years. But it also caused me to see how much He has brought restoration in my life. He drenched a dry and weary soul with His everlasting water of love and salvation. A most overwhelming feeling. 

I am not perfect. I have tendencies to strive for perfection, but I am a far cry from being perfect. There have been so many times over the last ten years that the enemy has used my weakness of the sinful desire in my heart to try to take me down. Though I might stumble and fall, Jesus has always and will always be there to pick me up again. Jesus knows the heart. A truly repentant heart that comes to Jesus broken and tarnished can always be restored to a shining brilliance that only He can bring. 

It is not an easy way to live. I’ve been scoffed for not dating many men, or hurrying up to have a relationship just to have the children I so desire. But why? Why take the restoration that Jesus has given me and throw it in His face just because I want something so much? Why jeopardize the future that He has promised (in His timing) just to rush something that isn’t the absolute best? Why risk it?

Many people think that purity is only something that should exist before marriage. They are wrong. Purity is not a stage in life. Purity is a lifestyle. Purity belongs outside and inside of marriage. If purity cannot exist outside of marriage, how can a marriage truly be a representation of Christ and His Church? People are watching you, they see everything you say, do, and post on social media. If your life is not exhibiting this purity from all sides, people will notice and it will cause your claim of being a Christ-follower to falter. 

No matter where you are in life, whether you are single or married, 15 or 55, I urge you to make purity a lifestyle. Make it your anthem. Take up purity as your flag and wave it high so that in every area of your life people will see it and know that you’re striving after a life that is pleasing to The Lord.

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