Purity Matters: Refreshing

“…offer your bodies as living sacrifices, holy and pleasing to God—this is your spiritual act of worship.” Romans 12:1 NIV

I saw a video called “Purity Matters” on a youth ministry website a couple of years ago.  It sounded interesting, so I downloaded it and watched it.  The premise of the video was this: a group of young adults went around the city handing out bottles of water. They would ask the intrigued passersby, out of two bottles, which they’d want to have.  Before the person could answer another group of young adults would jump out of a nearby van and grab one of the bottles of water and start chugging it and passing it around.  The guy who had initially asked these clueless people which water they wanted, again would ask “Do you want to drink from that one?”, indicating the now “contaminated” bottle.  The people would look at him with disgust and say things like “No way, I don’t know where their mouths have been!”  They would even be offered $5 or $20 to drink from the back-washed bottle of water; and still they refused.  The guy would then say, “So you want the ‘pure’ water?”  And of course everyone chose the untouched, clean, pure bottle of water.

The video ended with a tag of “purity matters: sex is for marriage”.

That is where the inspiration for PurityMatters.com came from.  The videos depiction of purity is right on.  Who really wants to drink after five, six, or even more people from the same bottle?  No one.  Everyone wants the first, fresh off the assembly line bottle of water.

The same goes for people.  How would you feel if someone came up to you, with the love of your life by the hand and say “Here you go” and hand them to you.  But then you got an instant flashback of all the people they had slept with before meeting you.  And then you were asked “Do you still want this person?”

Do you really want to get to your wedding night and find out that your new groom or bride has “been around the block” several times? Probably not.

Not to say that mistakes can’t be forgiven, because they can.  The Lord is gracious when we mess up and come to Him with a repentant heart.

Those of you who are reading this, this is just to show you how to prevent the heartache of impurity.  It’s an insight to see the right path to take, and how to sidestep temptation before it has a chance to take you down.

(Originally written August 15, 2006)

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