Does it matter?

So an amazing topic was started tonight at NPC:UNITED.


This is SUCH a huge burden on my heart.  My heart yearns that people (at any age!) would take up this lifestyle and make it their own.  I’ve had my own struggles with purity.  Who hasn’t?  But these talks always seem to bring these memories to the forefront of my mind. Which makes me want to hold on even tighter to the lifestyle I have chosen and sworn to live by.

My heart aches to tell those who struggle in the area of keeping your mind and body untainted by the sexual assault that comes at us from all directions – stay strong.  It’s worth it.

It may not seem like it is, in the present, but years down the road, when you look back at the decisions you have made, you will realize that it was all worth it.

The road isn’t easy.  In fact it’s laid with traps easily disguised as convenient detours laced with signs for an easy path.  Signs that point to the “short path” very rarely lead to the destination that is best for you.  Be cautious of these things.  The enemy will use these roadblocks and detours and “signs” to trick you into your old lifestyle.  “It’s just this one time,” he will say.  “No one will know,” he’ll croon.  “God will forgive you. It’s what He’s supposed to do,” he’ll reason.  But be leery of this voice.  It doesn’t have your best interests at heart.  In fact, his sole purpose is to “steal, kill, and destroy”.  And he will choose the easiest way to accomplish this: your weaknesses.

As Pastor Jesse pointed out in his talk tonight, find someone who you can talk to about this. Someone who can keep you accountable and who will walk this journey with you.  You will never ever regret this life choice.  It will make you a new person from the inside out.  And who doesn’t like new things?

Anyone who belongs to Christ is a new person. The past is forgotten, and everything is new. {2 Corinthians 5:17, CEV}


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