Observations and Some Pics

Things I’ve observed upon turning 30:

True friends are few and far between.  Cherish them.

Family is important.

I like my coffee black with a 1/2 sugar. But typically just straight up black.

Religion is hypocritical, but Jesus is full of grace.

It’s okay to be a geek or nerd.

I can’t sleep with any music or ambient noise.

Just get the shoes.

Have a cause that’s worth fighting for.

Be silly and make up your own games.

I like my burgers with BBQ sauce and mustard.

My iphone is my lifeline. Just sayin.

Enjoy the ice cream.

Take that weekend trip.  You won’t regret it.

Play golf at least once.  New experiences are gems.

I can’t stay up past midnight and get less than 7 hours of sleep anymore and function.

Bebes are the joy of life.

Don’t burn bridges.  You never no when  you’ll need or want to go back over them.

Get the tattoo.

Write the book.

(all images are my own)


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