Penthouse on the 23rd Floor

Welcome to my Penthouse on the 23rd floor!! Okay, so it’s not on the 23rd floor…and it’s not exactly a penthouse.  ;o)

This is the fourth apartment I’ve lived in since I’ve been on my own.  Compared to the first three, it’s pretty nice! My first one was, let’s say, in the ghetto.  I heard gunshots and sirens on a regular basis.  My second place was actually much nicer, brand new.  However it drew the college crowd, so I felt like a lived in a dormitory. The parties were what pushed me over the edge.  Gah! Then I moved to a place on the south side.  It wasn’t ultimately pleasant. It was quite small, and I have a lot of stuff.  Plus cute college boy that lived above me did not know the definition of “quiet”.  Let’s just say there were many jam sessions with his friends at 2AM involved multiple electric guitars and drums.  And the walls weren’t sound proof.

But this place…I like this place!! It’s not brand new, but it’s been taken care of.  And it’s in a quiet neighborhood.  And it’s got a security patroling the area overnight, which I like a lot! And there is a second bedroom an extra closets, which help with my storage needs.  All in all, I’m very pleased with this place.

So let me take you on a tour!

This is my living room. Cozy, yes?

The first piece of furniture I ever got…My micro-suede chocolate colored sofa. I love it! 🙂 My retro Zenith console television courtesy of Paul R. (yes it still works!!). And my video cabinet that is way older than I am.  It belonged to my grandma, and it was the encyclopedia/knick knack hutch for years on end.  And my mirrored stand (thank you Esther M!). You’ll notice I don’t have much decor up…only a clock from Kirkland’s and a photo by soon-to-be famous photographer Nancy P.  I kind of lack in the decorating department.

Here’s my lovely kitchen/dining area.  Not quite as roomy as I’d like it to be, but it’s definitely a step up than I’d had before.  Complete with ice-maker (my favorite appliance!), dishwasher, and stove and micro.

Down the hallway to the “guest” bathroom.  I don’t have guests often, so it stays rather clean. 😉 My eventual design plan is to turn this into my “Audrey Hepburn: Breakfast at Tiffany’s” bathroom.  You know the classic black and white pose. 🙂

This is the spare bedroom.  It was originally going to be an office, but basically it’s a catch-all room now.  And toy room for my niece. 😉 I’m still unpacking things.

And this is my bedroom.  Just a simple grey.  I haven’t gotten my curtains up yet.  I lack handyman skills, or power tools for that matter!  It’s quite roomy!

And this is the “master” bathroom.  There’s nothing master about it.  It’s smaller than the guest bathroom, which I dislike. But it’s convenient and functional, which is all that matters. Notice my nifty sink organizer…that was a shower organizer that I turned into a make shift above-sink organizer, so my sink counter doesn’t get cluttered.

And that was the grand tour! This is home, for now. 🙂


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