Day 11 — A photo of you taken recently

I am a self photographer fiend.  Yes, that’s right.  Most of the pics on my iPhone are of me.  There is reason behind this madness.  You just never know when you might need a new Facebook pic at a moment’s notice!   Although this statement is entirely true, there is another reason.  I hate other people taking my photo.  I really do!  I get super nervous when I think about the end result. “Oh my gosh, that was an awful pose…I bet my eyes were crossed, or worse yet, there was a fallangy hanging out of my nose!”

The best way for me to avoid these embarrassing moments of unveiled candidness is to take my photo myself.  And then Photoshop it.  ;o)  And no I don’t put my head on a super model’s body (I mean how realistic is that!? *snort*).  But I do change the contrast, soften the photo, do a little diffuse glow, change it to black and white, or if I’m really feeling daring, a vintage retro look.

It’s in my blood.  I’m a graphic designer.  I CAN’T NOT edit a photo after I’ve taken it.  I even silently critique others photos using Photoshop in my head, thinking of ways to make the photo “pop”.

By the way, the 30 day Meme thing….not going so well.  As you can see, I started it in December and it is now March, and I’m only on day 11.

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