Day 09 — A Photo You Took – Mt Ruapehu, New Zealand

So I’m getting back on the Blog-Wagon.  I know, I know…I fell off somewhere between Day 8 and Day 9.  But you can always get up and brush yourself off and start again. ;o)

Back to topic:  Day 09 — A photo you took

This is Mt. Ruapehu in New Zealand.  Breathtaking is what comes to mind when I see this picture.  I can hardly believe that I was actually there.  This was indeed a trip of a lifetime.  A place I definitely would love to visit again, someday soon!  Mt. Ruapehu is an active volcano, as it’s last eruption was in 2007.  When I visited in 2003, I had no idea it was actually a volcano.  This was actually just a “weekend getaway” on my two week New Zealand Adventure Vacation (of which I plan on blogging about someday, as I haven’t done so yet *shockgasp*).  Glacier-covered Mt Ruapehu is in the Lake Taupo region of the northern island of NZ.  This was taken at the top of a nice incline that housed a nice little ski lodge.  My friends and I didn’t actually go there to ski, just to get away and enjoy the lodge and the snow (it was winter in NZ when I went in July 2003).  We sledded down some steep hills and even road a ski lift (it was quite fun, yet scary)!

2 thoughts on “Day 09 — A Photo You Took – Mt Ruapehu, New Zealand

  1. It was absolutely the trip of a lifetime! I don’t know if I’ll ever have the opportunity to return, but I sure hope so! Look for my future post about the entire NZ experience…Trying to locate my pics from that trip…they are all on film, as I wasn’t digital at the time. ;o)

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