Snow (A temporary diversion)

So I thought I would take a quite detour from the 30 day Blogging Experiment (which I’ve not done so well at)!

Today’s topic is SNOW! Yes….that loverly white goodness that we’ve been blessed to have on Christmas 2009 and the after-glow of the New Year’s holiday, which is still gracing us with it’s presence.  I love snow.  But it has to be a good snow.  Not the measly flurry stuff that barely dusts the ground.  I’m talking 4″ plus! And so on Saturday night and Sunday we received a nice amount (I’m sure I had 4″ or so on my car when I cleaned it off on Monday morning).  I don’t mind the cold when there is snow to justify it.

This was Saturday night, which was probably just the first inch of what we did get.

Since this is the most snow that we’ve gotten in a few years, I wasn’t quite prepared, in that I didn’t have adequate footwear.  Living in the Midwest, we don’t typically get this much snow…usually it’s ice.  So you can manage quite well with just sneakers most days.  My shoes of late have been Chuck Taylor All-Star’s (they are comfy, and quite fashionable…and practical too).  However, they don’t do too well in rain or snow.  So last night I went in search of snow boots.  Well, you see in SWMO, there’s a problem with availability when extreme weather strikes.  In 2007, when the Historic Ice Storm hit, you couldn’t find batteries or radios anywhere in or out of the city limits!  And if you did, you paid thrice as much as it was worth.  I spent way too much money during that time.

Snow boots…well I call these my “Semi-Snow Boots” as they actually aren’t snow boots…they are waterproof and insulated men’s hiking boots, definitely not my first choice, but they’ll do for this season.

Then maybe I can get me some fashionable Queen Latifah-like snow boots.  *g*

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