Day 07 – A photo that makes you happy

I have *so* not kept up with this experiment! I feel awful!  There’s just so much going on at this time of year.  So I shall pick up where I left off:

Day 07 – A photo that makes you happy

This is a photo I took on my recent vacation to Seattle.  It reminds of not only how awesome of a trip it was with my best friends, Nancy & Robert, but also that it was an answered prayer!  I had not had a vacation in 6 years and I was so praying that I could take one, but I just didn’t have the funds to do so, and didn’t know when I would.  Well my friends actually paid for my trip!

The Space Needle is such a distinct piece of Seattle tourist history.  We got to learn a bit about this history as we went up the needle twice in one day (once in the morning and second at night).  The Space Needle was built as an attraction for the 1962 World’s Fair, whose theme was “Century 21”.  It went through many redraws before the plans were finalized.  The end result being a flying saucer-like object on top of a few-hundred foot tall structure.  And the colors for said Space Needle, to the theme of the “Century 21” fair being “Astronaut White for the legs, Orbital Olive for the core, Re-entry Red for the halo and Galaxy Gold for the sunburst and pagoda roof”.

It seriously is one of the most amazing attractions I’ve ever visited.  I took way more pictures than this blog post would hold of the awesome view from the top.  You can see forever around the city and the bay.  And the view at night is just breathtaking the way the city lights reflect off of the water and the streets.

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