Day 04 — Your favorite book

Day 04 — Your favorite book

My favorite book…Wow that really is a hard one.  I don’t have just one particular favorite.  I guess I need to break this down into what books I’ve read and re-read the most, and my current favorite that I’ve recently read and would like to read again.

First, the book(s) that I’ve read the most again and again over the years are Star Wars, the original trilogy novel consisting of “From the Adventures of Luke Skywalker” by Alan Dean FosterGeorge Lucas (a.k.a. “A New Hope”), The Empire Strikes Back by Donald F. Glut, and Return of the Jedi by James Kahn.  I discovered this when I was in Junior High at age 13.  Most thirteen year old girls aren’t the least bit interested in reading, let alone reading Science Fiction.  But I was, and that labeled me as an outcast.  But who really cares anymore about that.

Another book series that I’ve read repeatedly over the years is The Westmoor Heights Series consisting of three books entitled, respectively, Stormy Leigh, Stormy’s Desire, and Stormy’s Temptation by Sharon Foster.  This is a Christian romance series detailing a girl’s life, Stormy, spanning about ten or fifteen years, beginning at age 25.  It is a story of faith, patience, trials, family, standing up for what you believe in, not giving up, and most importantly, love.   I received these for Christmas when I was 12 or 13.  I immediately read the first two books back to back within the week.  The third book I didn’t get until several years later, after I wrote Sharon Foster personally telling her how much I enjoyed the books and asking her where I might find a copy of it.  Since they were all out of print, she kindly mailed me the third book with a hand written note thanking me.  It was very inspiring that an acclaimed author would take the time to do that.  It has meant the world to me all these years later.  I highly recommend this series.  It is quite the tear-jerker too! 🙂

Most recently however, I finished a series by popular Christian author Dee Henderson, The O’Malley Chronicles, comprising of six books about the seven O’Malley children.  As adults, this motley crew of professional heroes discover the value of family as well as faith in the One true Savior.  The first book is about Kate O’Malley, the FBI’s most trusted and successful hostage negotiator.  Book 2, is about Marcus O’Malley, big brother, and head of the O’Malley “clan”, a United States Marshall.  The third installment is about forensic specialist, Lisa O’Malley, the sibling with the big heart.  The fourth book is about fearless fire fighter Jack O’Malley.  Book five brings us to Rachel O’Malley, a Red Cross disaster counselor and specialist.  Finally book six is Stephen’s story, the most stubborn and sensitive of them all, he is a Paramedic who thrives at saving lives…except one that he values the most.  All of these stories are meshed together by a sister who’s desire is to see them all know the Savior that she loves before it’s too late for them all.  This series is extremely well written and very detailed with imagery.  If you like dramas like CSI or ER, you will love this.

And finally my favorite non-fiction selection is by Michelle McKinney Hammond, In Search of the Proverbs 31 Man: The One God Approves and a Woman Wants. Why do I like this book…well the title says it all.  I’m searching for my Proverbs 31 man.  It really takes two points of views, the girl looking for this ideal husband, and the man and what he should strive to be like.  I really enjoyed Michelle’s comparisons of the Proverbs 31 woman and her counterpart.  It really stepped up my expectations for my future husband, and what I cannot and will not settle for.

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