Day Two – Favorite Movie

Day 02 — Your favourite movie

As with songs, movies generally take the same course with favoritism.  During different stages of my life I’ve had various favorite movies.  My favorite all time movie I’ve adored since I was 14.  “While You Were Sleeping” is such a precious, hilarious movie starring Sandra Bullock and Bill Pullman.  This was one of her first movies … I believe she was about 25 when it was made.  I know it may not be one of her top of the chart movies, but it’s my top movie. 🙂  I have watched it religiously every Christmastime for the last 15 years.  It’s set in Chicago at Christmastime.  Lucy is a single lonely girl in the world who works in a CTA booth nearly every day…and especially every holiday…because she doesn’t have any family to spend them with.  She falls in love with this businessman who visits her booth every morning.  The thing is she’s never actually spoken to him!  On Christmas day he visits her booth and he actually speaks to her…but she’s awestruck and can’t say a word.  As she’s beating herself up about it, the man is physically getting harassed by a couple of hooligans as he waits for the train.  In a chaotic moment he falls onto the tracks and Lucy races to his aide.  With no one nearby she jumps onto the tracks and rolls him out of the way at the last minute from an oncoming train!

The man is taken to the hospital with a head injury/coma, and in a moment of confusion, Lucy is assumed to be his fiance!  Again, she loses the ability to form a plausible reply and the charade begins.  Enter the man’s family ….. Loud bustling Dad, weepy clingy Mom, Little Sister, Grandma with the heart condition, and the Jewish godfather next door neighbor!  And so the fun begins as Lucy is adopted by her “soon-to-be family”.  So the man, Peter, can’t straighten this little mess out, as he’s out of it himself.  As Lucy is praised for her heroic actions for saving their firstborn, Mom and Dad Callahan ask Lucy to join them for a Christmas dinner.  But there’s one member of the family that Lucy hasn’t met yet – Jack, Peter’s younger brother.

Through the celebrations between Christmas and New Year’s, Lucy and Jack become acquainted.  Lucy out of mere need of human companionship and Jack because he completely doubts that she is actually engaged to his older brother.  Through some hilarious twists and turns Lucy is mistaken for having an “affair” with her landlord’s probationary son and overheard sarcastically saying “Yes, I’m pregnant”.  All these things Jack confronts her about, but she is able to dispel them as false accusations.  Meanwhile, Peter is still in a coma, and Lucy and Jack are becoming attached to each other, without realizing it.

Peter comes out of his coma in the early morning hours of New Year’s Day and his family is at his bedside, including Lucy.  However, he doesn’t recognize her! Oh my! He must have a form of amnesia if he doesn’t know his own fiance…

And that’s where I’m going to leave it….You need to watch the entire movie for yourself because it’s a gem! 🙂

For my “favorite runner-ups” in the movie category they are the original Star Wars Trilogy, the new Pride & Prejudice, Nacho Libre, Last Holiday, The Mummy Trilogy, Indiana Jones and I’m going to have to stop right there or I’ll keep going. 😉

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